Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Letter From Castle & Alicia

Dearest Kakak, yesterday when we were in Mama's room, mama told us that kakak will be home this weekend. Therefore, Achel and Alicia have decided to make a wishlist for ourselves.

Oh ye, we missss youuuu kakak banyak2 lemon!

P.s Kalau kakak tak belikan, kakak tak payah balik rumah. TQ.

Kakak! Minggu ni Kakak Balik kan? Achel nak jam tangan..nak PS3...pastu Achel nak robot transformers...pastu Achel nak baju baru...pastu Achel nak kasut baru....

Pastu jgn lupa, bawak balik Girlfriend baru yang cun untuk Achel...
Igt tau..Achel tak mau yang high demand mcm Kakak tauuu tauuu!
Esok kakak balik, Achel ngan Isha Tunggu depan pintu.

See you Kakak. Muah~

Alicia rasa Isha nak handbag Coach mcm Kakak punya tu. Pastu nak subang Bling Bling. Kasut pun nak hi-heels kaler merah mcm kakak.
Isha nak skirt kaler pink. Boring asyik pakai baju tompok2 ni. dah la mcm2 kaler. Pening2.

Pastu kan, kakak tolong beli facial wash tauu Isha nak buang tompok hitam kat bawah dagu Isha ni. Mcm janggut daaaa.

Okay.... tu je.

I love you Kakak!

From :
Castle-Leonardo @ Handsome Boy
Alicia Von Sabrina.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(My Cats) ----- Alicia & Castle. Day Out with Mom.

Hello! How are you kittens? I-am-soooo-happy! I'm finally done with my thesis! Submitted it today and I hope, it ends there. Okayyy drop the subject.

It's been a while since I last went back home. I've been a busy, but thanks to my Mom, she will send me the pictures of my cats almost everyday... She takes care of the cats.....Gives them a bath every weekend...Combs their fur everyday...And even takes them out for a walk or for a car-ride. Cool kan?

So my mom sent me more pictures today. And I thought, I wanna share it with other readers..
Check out the pics yaw!

"Mama....Achel nak report ni....Alicia kan...dia degil tak dengar cakap mama....dia keluar  rumah....Dia keluar ikut tingkap tuuu mama..." 

(sambil tunjuk ke arah window panes).

Dialog di atas ditulis oleh my Mom... Oh ye, my cats are all indoor cats. They don't usually go out without supervision, and if they do, the whole family members will go out and catch them in. Alicia ni, telah keluar dari rumah..My dad buka window banyak2, so she went out..

Si Achel ni, dia tau mama tak kasi keluar...tu yg dia report kat mama tu....Agaknya diorang bosan, so my mom pun bawak diorang duduk kat luar...Our lawn...


Look at Mat Achel above. Dia dah ade kerja baru sekarang. Jadi jaga pintu dapur. Kot2 ada tikus. Tu tengah intai dari bawah pintu tu. So sekarang ni, dia suka duduk dapur. Si gendut yang comel.

Isha nak main kat taman la mama............Boring la tengok muka Achel hari2...Tengok TV pon boring. Takde citer best!

Mama cakap, harini dia bawa my cats duduk luar. Mom told me, Achel was running here and there. Punya laju mcm kena kejar hantu. Dah la gendut, habis bergegar pasu pokok bunga mama. hehehe. Seronok betul dapat duduk kat luar ye?

Alicia tgh main hide-and-seek dengan Mat Achel. Oh ye, gambar2 ini semua diambil oleh my MOM.... Rajin kan...?? Thank you mommmmm.

MAmAAAAAAAAA! Achel dah penat laaa lari2. Tak larat nak jalan dah. Achel peluh2 ni.Tolong dukung achel masuk dalam rumah. Achel penat....fuhh fuhh fuhhh!~

Itulah kisahnye si Mat Achel ad Alicia....a day out with My Mom. Nice photos mom. You're such a photographer lahh hehe.

Till then, Take care Meowthhs!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

My NEW Cats & Cats for SALE

Salam and Hello everyone... haihh sorry that my blog is THAT boring. banyak betul ang tak sempat nak update...Banyak yang tertinggal...Too busy with my thesis that I don't really have that much time to blogabout!

Kucing yang dah beranak, anak2 nye pun dah besar...kucing2 yang baru dibeli as collections, punnnn dah tak brand new. Ramai yang tanya, mana new cats....? Cats for sale...?? Bukan tak nak layan, but i do have FYP and THESIS for SALE heheheh! Anyone??

But don't worry, tak lama lagi habis la... Tidak lama lagi, akan kugenggam segulung Ijazah. Degree In Biotechnology Industry (Hons)!! Whoah rasanya baru minggu lepas habis SPM. Now dah nak habis degree.
So curi-curi masa sikit, di bawah adalah beberapa pictures. sorry for the low quality---phone camera je.


 Inilah Marble - Lissa. The latest Calico in the family...

 Marble - Lissa is a CFA certified Long Hair Persian.

 Fluffy kan....?

Okayyy this is quite a new to me. I am now adopting a Chinchilla into the family. Before this memang tak berapa minat, sebab prefr high nose cat... But a friend of mine showed me her collection of Chinchilla, and Immediately I fell in love.!


I have just got back from YAP Animal Clinic and there was this one ads about Chinchilla. Sorry for the wong info before, Chinchilla is still a Persian Cat, but the coat is different. You can google about Chinchilla Persian and there you'll find the background on how it was first discovered. I'm beginning to like this type of persian, and is planning to ook for more of its kind and breed them. Yippee! Adopted new hobby there already hehe.

I have yet to decide what should I name him. Look at the picture above, definitely Chinchilla is different from other breed of cats.

Chinchilla's eyes are GREEN, and their eyes are engulfed with dark circle that makes them look like as if they are wearing eyeliner. How special.

Look at the color, it is NOT white. It is SILVER and shaded. This is still a small kitten, of 5 months old. Bila dia besar, the silver color will evolve even more. Yeahhh cant wait...!

To anyone yang berminat with Chinchilla, there is one more MALE silver shaded Chinchilla that she wants to let go. NO CERT provided. It is also a Silver Shaded Chinchilla yawww. And yes, the above is mine. Yay!



So! There are new babies to let go. Gambar di bawah adalah anak si Mat JoJo. Verry fluffy and they are both semi flat...Cream color with long tail.


Look at the picture and judge it by yourelf. Meowww~

Cute kan....?? 

And definitely, they will turn out to be their bllodline si Mat JojO kat bawah ni:

Johnny Jangan Nakal2 okay...?Nanti Kakak Jual! hehehe

Siapa pula kucing di bawah ni? Tak pernah2 nampak pun...! This belongs tu my cousin. She wants to let go her cats and nak simpan yang kecik molek jer...And dia pun dah berubah minat, just like me, she now turns to Flat face Cat. Hehehe. Yeah me , my family and everyone around me lovesss catsss so much. Tak kisah la kucing tepi jalan atau kucing yang serba kekurangan...


He is a MALE, 8 Months old. Now he's looking for a sexy female to go for a date! hehe

FOR SALE: Semi Flat persian. White with brown point.

Very fluffy, u can see the picture above. yang penting, dia sangat manja.. and disiplin. takde nak kencing merata2. An indoor cat and mostly spend in an air-conditioned room. Manja lebih.

To anyone yang interested can leave your comments at my Chatterbox or email me at : MISZSABBY@YAHOO.CO.UK

I will get back to you sooon!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


MEOW EVERYONE! SO! Well I've just got back from a Vet and a Pet Shop. Both of them advertised a banner which announced that there will be a Cat's Show (International) 4 Ring Championship.

The event will be held at Sunway Pyramid.

On 23rd - 24th of April 2010, you can come for the exhibition / show... On 25th, the competition will be held at the same venue. Don't miss this chance to eye the cats of other cat lovers. Maybe from there you can learn more about cats...Or maybe to those who are not so into cats can be inspired by the stories and experiences of other breeders and cat lovers. and fall in love!

I am expecting a lot of Bengals during the show. As this is not a CFA registered competition, but under TICA. Please note that this competition is not judged by CFA judges. It is organized by MCFA or also known as Malaysia Cat Fanciers Association.

To those who is interested to join, can go to any pet shop or vet and ask them whether they have the form. You can duplicate the form too.

Below is how the form looks like.

For more information regarding the fees...schedule of event bla bla bla... you can just visit the website here:

Download the form from the official website below:


So, kittens! Mark your calendar...set your own memo in your phone or whatever and see u there!



Sunday, March 21, 2010

[MY CATS] --- a Letter from Castle @ Achel

Hello everyone! oh my oh myyy dah lama gilaaa tak update blog laaa kan...? Sorry sangat2...and terima kasih kepada semua readers yg sudi singgah ke blog saya yang tak seberapa ni...cewah.

Apa khabar? Finally 1st Draft of my thesis has been completed. Now i'm gonna wait and see what's my supervisor gonna say/complain/compliment about my work. hehehe.

Oh ye, i missss my cats soo soo much. dah almost 3 weeks tak balik rumah, i only got  to see them through 3g Call or sms from my mom..! Sigh...i wonder whether they will still recognize me or not? hehehe

This is my cat named Castle, we call him ACHEL. My mom cakap dia rindu kat saya sebab dah lama tak jumpa...jadi dia telah menghantar surat di bawah kepada saya.

P.S : sila baca dengan nada Kucing Manja Mengada TQ..!

Hai Kakak...Achel rindu laaa kat kakak... dah lama kakak tak balik rumah....Dah lama tak kena buli dengan kakak..Dah lama kakak tak beli toys utk Achel....sedih laaa ni~

Achel boring... Kakak takde...abang ipi takde...abang nabil takde....Semua duduk jauh kat kolej..

asyik2 kene tgk muka Alicia Jojo Jenny ngan si Ashley. eeee boring! Abang Ipi cakap nak bawa Achel pegi asrama dia tapi Achel tak nak, sebab nanti Abang Ipi suruh basuh baju2 dia...

Kakak sehat tak...? Kakak nak tau tak...? Achel kan...haritu kan....demam tau....pastu badan Achel kan... sebelah kanan ni gatal2...

Achel garu punya garu punya garu, sampai dah nak ter-togel bulu Achel...

Lepas tu kan, masa minggu lepas kan, Abah bawak Achel ngan Ashley pegi klinik...

Ade ke patut doktor tu cucuk Achel..!!! Adoiiii sakit laaa kene cocok. Doktor cakap, Achel gatal2 sebab selalu lepas mandi, bulu Achel tak kering betul2...tu yang gatal2. tah ade ulat bulu kot....

Haritu, satu family takde kat rumah... semua pegi Holidayyy taknak bawa Achel...Achel kena tinggal..Achel sedih la mcm ni. Semua org dah tak sayang Achel... Achel tau laaa Achel ni anak angkat je... :'(

Bila petang-petang, mama dengan abah bawa Achel keluar kat depan rumah... tapi mama tak kasi pegi jauh2...Dia cakap nanti Achel kene culik..

Pastu kena marah lagi..sebab tak pakai selipar..
Asyik2 kena marah... semua org dah tak sayang Achel..Kakak pun sama, dah tak nak balik rumah jumpa Achel...

Asyik2 Achel jeee kene telefon Kakak... Habis laa kredit Achel...

Bila dah malam, Achel duduk la dalam rumah... Kadang2 tgk TV dengan mama dengan abah je...

pastu, bila nak tidur, Achel pun tidur laa sekali dgn mama ngan abah... besttt sebab cejuk ade eton (Aircond).

Bila Achel nak terkencing ke terbe*ak ke, Achel  kejut mama suruh bukak pintu...

Sekarang Achel rasa mcm dah besar la kakak... Jadi Achel nak mintak tolong ni...

"Boleh tak kakak cari kan Achel girlfriend?"

Achel nak:

1)   Yang gebu and gemuk bulat..
2)    Tak mau yg hitam legam tak nampak hidung...
3)   Nak yang sweet je..Tamau yg garang2...
4)   Nak yang Seksi...dan lawa!
5)    Nak yang hidung dia sama penyet mcm Achel.
6) Tak mau yang materialistik and demand banyak mcm kakak! (haha!)

Tu je....Kakak tolong cari ye...?

Sekian, I miss you kakak!

From ,

Achel @ Castle Yang Comel.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cats Go Blogging!

Friday is a FLY DAY! Thank God It's Friday! Sorry sangat2 sbb lama tak update. Busy to the max! Almost done with my THESIS writing. Apa itu thesis? hehe go google! 

Hmm nak buat ape ye weekend ni...? Shopping? I feel like going for a quiet spa day...relaxing and to loosen the over-stretched brain muscles! everyone, 

I wish you people a HAPPY WEEKEND!

This is Bella Bulat, she is now adopting a new hobby, 

 Hmmmm what should my first post be huh?
My favorite foods...? EX boyfriendss...?

Ideas ideas! Hmmmm what about...Passion for Persians? 
Hmmm Boring! Axe that!

Okay I give up! Writing is not my skill. I think I prefer to be an over-spoilt-brat!

Yawn! Blogging is BORING.....Let's sleep instead. 
Ohh! Sorry that i Snore! Krooiiiihhh Kroiiihh!

 Girl, It's not girly to tidur with your legs wide open ya know!
Unless you are having a brad Pitt dream!

This is Ciku. Why Ciku? Because he is rotund, and Ciku-like shape.

Aircond....ahhh am I in heaven?

Terbongkang mcm Tunku S!

New Cat. Cute kan?

Till then, REMEMBER,


Monday, March 1, 2010


Salam & Hello semuaaa! 

Totally apologize for the lack of updates, I had tonnes of things waiting in line to be done. How are we today? How was your weekend? Hope everyone had fun and may the best spirit be with you to go through the rest of the days of this week! 

And so, yeah, I had a good time spent with the whole family and my furry babies. Not much to update about that one, but hope you enjoy this Video of my darling angels.

Check this out yaww.

 Ini adalah antara kucing-kucing kesayanganku. Several of them are scattered all over the house, but we have Castle(Red Tabby), Alicia (Dilute Calico), Ashley and Jennifer on screen. 

My cats are all very friendly and so should we!

Love Cats! Save Cats!

Hope you like it. I will update more soon.




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